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Kirby Llaban is an author, motivational speaker, trainer and songwriter. He is part of Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic family renewal ministry where he serves in the board of the Couples for Christ Institute (CFCI).

After graduating as an Industrial Engineer, he answered the call to be a full time lay missionary for CFC for 16 years, and was sent to 34 countries to speak in conferences and to conduct trainings. Later, he put up his own training business, Uplift Learning, where he gives Team Building sessions, Leadership Trainings, and Values Formation to companies. His book, The Fired Up Life: Passion Principles to Motivate You for Work and Life, talks about Work Motivation using principles in the Christian vocation.

Kirby earned his Masters Degree in Theology at the San Carlos Graduate School of Theology, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Theology at the Loyola School of Theology.

His mission is to help people live Fired Up lives by guiding them to craft a Fired Up blueprint where they write their passion and purpose statements, draw a vision, decide on values, and set clear goals.

He is married to Michelle, with 4 children, Sev, Kaitlyn, Max and Sam.

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  1. Kirby,
    This is your cousin Goroi.
    I spoke to Arnold.
    I would like to touch base with you.

    My FB is Fernando sievert

    I am joining. I have the anointing .

    Bless you brother

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