Chapter 6: The Power of Testimonies

[#WhatsYourMessage Day 16]

“Gather Stories”

One of the things that took me long to realize is to gather testimonies of people who got blessed by my message of Living a Fired Up Life. How I wish I was more attentive especially in the first few months that the book came out. It would have helped greatly in even convincing more people and help increase the message’s reach.

So, what I did was to prepare a talk handout every time I gave a Fired Up session.

At the bottom of the handout, I would ask questions: “How did you find the session?” and “What was most helpful to you?” I gave the participants who heard the Fired Up message some time to reflect and write what they thought made an impact to them.

From there, I was able to see what part of Living the Fired Up life made the most impact to them.

Also, when people reach out to me to share how the book helped them, I interview them. I gather stories of the kind of transformation the message was able to give to their lives.



What we are looking for are transformation testimonies. People who were able to improve their lives through the message you are sharing.

Transformation can come in the following:

  • Bad situation to Good situation
  • Old thinking to New thinking
  • Ineffective Habits to Effective Habits
  • A trapped life to a Free life
  • No direction to Clear Direction

In my case, I help people find direction in life by providing them a tool (the Fired Up Blueprint) to help them sort out and discern what they want to do in life and where they are heading.

The transformation this book is offering is to help the reader from having an unclear expression of what they want to say to the world to having a clear communication plan for their message, in order to make an impact in their own lives and in others.

“What’s Your Message?” is all about transforming your mission into a message.

The testimonies I’m looking for are those who — after reading the book and going through my workshop — are able to pin down what message they want to spread to the world.

Testimonies are proofs that your message works. It’s like telling your audience, “If it worked in them, it will work in your life too.”

Next, learn about the importance of this one quality — boldness! 

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