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“Your tribe is out there”

When I launched one of my online modules in speaking, I was too focused on my immediate network, that is my friends in facebook. I thought that my message of living a Fired Up life, and my Fired Up Speakers module didn’t “click” or it didn’t work since the number of those who responded to it were quite few than what I imagined.

But then I heard a successful online marketer say, “There may only be 2 people in your area that need your services, but if you can reach many areas around the world, that number will multiply.”

Your tribe is just out there, waiting for your message to reach them, so they can follow you.

And of course, one of the fastest ways to reach people beyond your circle is to “boost” your message through ads.

Now, many of us will be hesitant to spend on ads, and that’s understandable. But think of the time you will save. You keep on posting daily, which entails time and resources, but you are not reaching your target audience. I think that’s more wasteful.

Also, we have to realize that these ads are very targeted (location, age, hobbies, network), and for that mileage, the ads are actually cheap (still). You have to take advantage of this, now.

“Paradigm Shift”

If you want to get your message to your tribe, you need to shift your paradigm. Like any type of change, at first it will be painful. But later, you’ll be adjusted to it. Remember these things:

1. Invest in ads

Old paradigm: “Why should I pay facebook? No way. ”

Test your ads, and if you get good returns — meaning, your ads convert you sales or clients or new members — then you have a business. The better your ad copy is, the cheaper it will cost. As mentioned, it’s the fastest way to reach your tribe.

2. Don’t speak to everybody. Speak to your tribe

Old paradigm: “I want to reach everybody”

If you are trying to convince everyone, you are convincing no one. In this book, What’s Your Message, I’m talking to struggling content creators. Otherwise, if I try to accommodate everyone, my message will be diluted.

3. Use video

Old paradigm: “Me, on video? No, way!”

I would say use the medium you are most comfortable with — writing through blogging, tweeting, graphics, and etc. But work your way to learn how to maximize the power of videos. It gives you the best reach and mileage. If you video yourself for the first time, it will feel awkward, and you’ll conclude, “I’m not really for video.” But urge you to make your second, third, fourth until you get comfortable and natural. You’ll never get it right the first time, but soon enough you’ll be doing one-takes when you get the hang of it.

4. Be Generous with Value

Old paradigm: “Free information? They should be paying for this stuff.”

Always be in the posture of service. Keep on sharing value that improves the lives of your tribe. Over time you can compile your work, and make a book out of it, or even a product for training. The more value you give, the more trust you gain. And if your message is connected to a product you are selling, they will most likely buy from you because you’ve built that trust over time.


You’ve already gone through the process of Finding Your Message, which is rooted from your personal purpose in life brought about your own life experience. You’ve also went through Building your Message — making it story-based, sticky, and shareable. Lastly, you are challenged to Spreading your Message by finding and leading your own tribe — a people who want are being blessed by your message.

You can only maximize your purpose if you can translate it to a clear message. May you get fired up as you Spread Your Message, and start asking others, “What’s your Message?”

So, what’s next? You can check out my other books and my training module below.

The Fired Up Life Training Modules

The Fired Up Life is a series of modules that help people become self-motivated to reach their life goals.

Module 1, Fired Up and Ready, prepares you for what’s in store when you start to embrace the principles of The Fired Up Life. The 5 Signs of a Fired Up Life will be discussed, which is a vision of a self-motivated person. You’ll be able to define what your full potential is, and the steps to take to reach it.

Module 2, Discover Your Fire, guides you on preparing your Fired Up Success Blueprint. It is a module that will facilitate in creating your own passion statement, purpose, vision, values, and goals. Summarizing these statements will be the “What’s Your Message” Workshop which is a one line statement of what you want to share to the world. Discover Your Fire will lead you to Find Your Expertise.

Module 3, Build your Fire, is all about Branding. Today, when you’re not online, you’re hard to find. You have to bring your message out there, but you have to do it the right way. You have to create value online, which will show that you know what you are talking about (or selling). Marketing principles to help you build a credible brand will be tackled, so that you can Build Your Expertise.

Module 4, Spread Your Fire is Social Media and Speaking. You have the passion, you have the message, you have the brand, it’s time to develop the skills to spread it. At the basic level, you need to learn how to maximize the power of Social media, and second you need to be able to speak about your message in a powerful and convincing way that inspires people into action.

Live a Fired Up Life!

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