3 Ways to Grow Your Tribe: How to Deliver Continuous Value to Those Who Follow You

When I experience generosity, a kind gesture, or receive inspiration and value from another person, I would think: “I hope there would be more like him or her.” I would then follow the work of that person by buying books, subscribing to videos, or following recommendations. I become a follower in his/her “tribe.”

I notice that there are thousands of others who are in the same boat. We have similar needs and pain points, and the “tribe leader” helps us in solving our problems and in increasing our knowledge and skills.

Leading Your Tribe

As we lead other people at work or in service, or perhaps as we grow our client base in business, we want to add continuous value and to be a blessing to them. In the 3 years of ministry of Jesus, his followers grew in multitudes. He revealed truths to them, healed them, fed them, broke bread with them, and most of all, loved them. How can we follow the example of Jesus? Here are 3 ways to bless the people you lead and serve, and increase their number.

1. Strive to be the Person You Want Them to be

Nothing beats the power of an example. We can only encourage others as far as what we have accomplished. I have observed that when I deliver talks, the points that I give only resonate with the crowd when I’m able to share a concrete experience.

It’s painful to listen to someone who gives advice and expects others to perform at a certain level that he or she has not actualized. When it’s a lofty ideal, you can share your struggles in trying to reach that ideal and share some ideas of how you’ve grown at a specific point. People follow what they see, more than what they read or hear.

2. Be Consistent

If we want to “grow our tribe” both in numbers and in their personal growth, they have to know when they can expect you to lead them or inspire them. Around early 2000’s I started a blog site about my faith journey, www.godisenoughforme.blogspot.com (It’s still there).

In the initial stages, I wrote almost everyday, and the readership was gradually increasing. But then, there were times I would not write for a month, then go back to writing again, then be absent for two months

I realized that I should have written more consistently by just writing once a week, and let them know when I would publish my content.

This time, I created a weekly newsletter, delivered via email, for those who subscribed at www.kirbyllaban.com/firedupnewsletter. Consistency is key to growing your tribe. I notice that the numbers are gradually increasing, and people are grateful for the value they receive.

3. Keep it fresh and exciting

Think of ways to communicate your value in a new way. I notice that some restaurants would take time off to renovate the look of their store. They would then re-introduce the new, bigger, and brighter look to their customers, plus something new in the menu. It would then stir curiosity, and reinvigorate engagement. I’ve also experienced eating at an office cafeteria who served the same set of food each week. It was predictable, and I’d rather go to a farther cafeteria to taste something new.

What new and exciting thing will you give to your tribe? Perhaps you can invite a speaker who can inspire them or you can launch a new theme or battle cry that will rekindle their interest.

May Your Tribe Increase

We hear the expression, “May your tribe increase.” There can be various connotations. One would be: that may there be more people like you in this world. As we grow our tribes, may we continuously increase our personal growth, so that those who follow us may grow with us. May there be more like you!

What’s your way of growing your tribe?

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