Collaborate to Elevate: How to Increase Trust and Efficiency in Your Team

Are you having a hard time getting along with your team?

Is there a lack of trust in your work environment?

There’s this line I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It’s an African proverb.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Going Alone vs. Going Together

When I started my business, I wanted to go fast. So, I did everything on my own: website, editing, graphics, and other logistics.  Later, I got exhausted! I couldn’t cope with my weekly commitments to bring out content.

So, what I did was to collaborate with other people who had the right talents for what I lacked. Sure, there would be times when I would have to wait a little longer, since they also have other commitments. But I noticed that I can’t deliver the kind of quality they produced. Ever since, I was able to elevate my marketing, and develop my training modules better than ever.

Ability and Trust

Why did it work form me? Two things. First, the people I worked with were 10 times (or even a hundred times) better than me, when it came to their specific task or expertise — which brought me to an admittance that I wasn’t good in many areas. Second, I picked people whom I trusted, both in their ability and in their integrity. I also did my best to be trustworthy. When situations became highly pressured, we always sought to maintain a good relationship because we didn’t want a temporary problem to destroy a good friendship.

An Invitation to Collaborate

I see this in the gospels. Jesus had a team. He trusted the 12 apostles and he had 3 years for his ministry. Even when the apostles left him (except John) during the time of his passion and death, Christ sought to restore their love and friendship especially with Peter, in a post-resurrection account in John’s gospel; that scene when Peter was asked thrice, “Do you love me?”. Peter said yes and professed his love three times as well. Then Jesus invited him to collaborate by saying, “Feed my lambs” and “feed my sheep” (cf. John 21).

Empowered by the Spirit

Christ entrusted fishermen, tax collectors, and other “unlikely” people who’d be able to articulate His message to the world. Yet, because of the power of the Holy Spirit, and Christ’s enormous trust, we still hear the Gospels being proclaimed to this day!

If there are trust issues, seek to restore. In any relationship, there will always be a test of friendship. Expectations won’t always be on the same level. “Seek to understand, then be understood” (Stephen Covey) is key to restoring and fortifying trust. Also, and most especially, trust that the Holy Spirit will work in your team.

The best way to elevate your work is to collaborate. May you be an instrument of collaboration, and may trust and efficiency increase in your work environment.

Comment below: What steps will you take to build better collaboration in your team?

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