How to Save Time in Preparing Your Slides (and Focus on Mastering Your Talk Content Instead)

3 hours!

Yes, before it took me almost 3 hours to prepare my slides. I got so busy looking for the right pictures online, adjusting the font sizes, and making sure that the slides were nothing short of amazing!

Nothing bad about that, except that I wasn’t able to spend my precious hours in enriching and mastering the talk!

So, even if I had the most beautiful slides in the world, I had a hard time recalling what I was supposed to say.

So, here are 3 ways to save time in preparing a slide presentation (aside from letting someone else do your powerpoint or keynote decks).

1. Plan your number of slides

How much time is given for you to speak? If you are given 45 minutes, you can just have 9-10 slides. With this, you can explain each slide for about 4-5 minutes.

2. Don’t “copy-paste” the whole talk outline

The reason why you are invited to give a talk is because you can explain your subject. Only put key words on the slides. So, if you have 5 key points, you can just put those 5 phrases on the slides.

Besides, if you put the whole outline, you’ll waste all your time on preparing so many slides, and people will not even pay attention to them — because audiences disengage when speakers read from their slides.

3. Choose simple but high-impact pictures

If you have 5 key points, just choose 5 pictures. You can use them for multiple slides.

Remember that slides are only meant to support your talk. They are visual aids and not the full message. Your words bring the message, and you are the one engaging with the audience, and not the slides.

Can you think of more time saving tips in preparing slides? Comment below.

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