Chapter 5: Going Online to Share Your Message

[#WhatsYourMessage Day 14]

Building a Blog 

“Kirby, how do I start a blog?”

I always get this question. The best way I could answer this is by sharing my own story.

My first blog was (it’s still there). The inspiration of that blog came from the first praise and worship song that I co-wrote, together with my friend Mike Serapio. The song is called God is Enough.

It was about my mission life and the reflections that came with it. I posted over 400 blog posts on that site. I also put there all the songs I wrote.

The ones who followed the site used some of my reflections as their topic for their prayer meetings. At one time, a facebook group of Overseas Filipino Workers subscribed to it, and the readership grew. I was happy the blog was making a difference in people’s lives.

But I really didn’t know much yet at that time of how powerful a blog can be as an instrument to spread my message. And so, I kinda took many of the developments of my blog for granted. I stopped writing at one point, thinking I’ve got nothing much to share already.

So, I went off the grid for about two years.

“Back to blogging”

When I felt strong about my Fired Up message, of which I wanted to bring Christ in the workplace, I built my 2nd blog site, (again, it’s still there). And so, I posted a couple of articles there, having passion as my central theme.

Later, it became more serious. I bought my own domain name and hosting, which is I posted videos there, as well many articles. It was the blog that helped in promoting my book, and it also helped me in coming up with motivational and productivity articles. It mainly helped people who were looking for guidance in terms of their professional life. It was also the phase of my life where I transitioned from full time mission life to being an entrepreneur.

After, I thought, “What if in the future, I would write more books? What if my message would evolve?”

“Personal branding blog”

I had the idea to prepare for that possibility, and so I bought a domain bearing my own name This is where I now put all my blogs, and develop my message.

The whole idea of my personal blogsite is to develop my central message of Living a Fired Up life into different expressions. It’s where I also test my message, if they resonate with people.

Starting a blog is easy. There are free websites like wordpress or blogger, of which later you can upgrade to having your own domain and hosting. I would highly recommend starting one, so you don’t have to wait for years to start sharing your message. You can do it today, and tell your friends that you posted. Get feedback and improve along away. In time, you’ll get to fine tune what your audience needs and you also get to enhance your writing skills.

This is my journey in spreading my message through blogging. Next, I’ll be sharing my way of spreading my message through social media.

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