Creating Highly Relevant Content

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Highly Relevant Content


How would you know if your content is going to be relevant? The simplest answer would be: ask.

Interview the people you want to serve and find out what their problems are. The more you know about their problem, the better you can provide for a relevant solution. “This guy knows what I’m going through,” would be something you want running in their minds.

Imagine if a doctor gave the wrong medicine to his patient. Surely, the patient would not become better, or worse, he would have a life threatening effect. The doctor would have to interview the patient, conduct lab tests, and make observations to be able to come with the right diagnosis. The medicine that would be prescribed would then be the most appropriate and effective cure.

Ask, conduct tests, and observe. Highly relevant content provides relief and cure to burning pain.


People like to share news because it keeps them aware of what’s happening, because it will affect their business or their day’s schedule. Naturally, people will have relationship that they feel should also know about the news, and so they share.

When there’s flood due to typhoon, people wait on the official announcement of the mayor,  because they need to know if there are classes or not, if there’s work or not.

When sharing current content, think about how it will affect people’s lives.

“Laser Target!”

The effect you want to have on your reader is for them to say, “this was written just for me!” or “this is the perfect advice for my friend. She needs to hear this.”

That’s what you call laster-targeted content. That means, you are zooming in to a very specific niche, and answering their particular needs.

This would make your content shareable within their circles.

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