Chapter 4: How to Make Your Message Shareable

[#WhatsYourMessage Day 12]

When I come from attending a really good seminar or a highly inspiring talk, I just can’t wait to tell others about what I’ve learned. There’s that feeling of regret that they should have been there to listen for themselves. So, what I do is to explain to the best of my recollection the things that inspired me, and hopefully I could pass on that idea or thought.

I’ve noticed some elements that make something worth sharing or worth remarking about.

Helpful Content

When I see that a content has helped me solve my problem, I want to share it to others. In that way, I too, am able to help others.

I ask myself, “What’s in it for the reader?”

It is important to have a posture of service — that what you speak or post online has a benefit for your audience. The temptation though is to sound “preachy,” like a person giving unsolicited advice.

So, what I do is I go back to the first principle of this book; I make my helpful content story-based. But a story with a clear benefit.

So, one time I posted an article called “How to Fired Up your Marriage,” and this was during Valentine’s day. I noticed that it caught fire. People were sharing it, and commenting. I didn’t expect it would have a high shareability, but I saw that what I wrote positively affected the readers and gave them ideas of how to enrich their marriages.

Interesting Content

A good percentage of those who go online or listen to a speaker, want to be uplifted or to take a break from their day to day struggles. That means, while they are looking for helpful content, they are also looking for some entertainment value. Something that can make them laugh and feel good about themselves.

You want them to say to their friends, “Hey, check this out! This is really interesting.”

When I check my facebook, I just scroll and scroll, until I see something interesting. I’m sure you don’t check every post there is and read everything. Only those that can either make you laugh, inspire you, and give you ideas for your business.

What stirs your own interests? If what you share bores you, it will have the same effect on others. Because if you’re interested, your excitement can be felt and people respond to that, and want that to be shared.

Before spreading your message, pause a while and think, “How can I make this more interesting?”


Next, learn how to develop highly relevant Content.

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