Do’s of a Sticky Message

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The last song syndrome

I remember this Korean song “Gangnam Style” that swept the whole world. The melody and the dance (galloping horse move) were entertainingly different. I couldn’t understand a word of what they were singing, but it was too catchy to ignore. The song got stuck in my head — for days and weeks. It’s what they call a “last song syndrome” wherein you keep singing the last song you heard, and that song was just all over the place!

Create a message that’s too catchy to ignore. How do we create this?

Here are the Do’s of a Sticky Message

  • Do use words that sound “fresh and new”

There’s always a better way to say things. I call this a formulation. We are unique individuals, and therefore we can express our ideas uniquely as well. Some questions to trigger you: “Have you heard of it before?” “What twist or new angle can you offer?” It would be good to consult your Thesaurus for similar words that may sound new, but understandable. Create novelty.

If you observe the company name “Google”, it’s new, it’s fresh, and it grew to be so popular that when you need an answer from the internet, you say, “Google it.”

  • Do aim for high-recall

One of my clients, after a Fired Up training module, said to me, “After you gave the training, my team keeps on saying to each other, ‘Fired Up’!” Can your message be turned into a rallying call?

When my friends see me, they shout “Fired Up!” It’s identifiable with who I am, and they remember it.

  • Do make it resonate especially with your target audience

Don’t make a message and try to accommodate everybody, be biased to your specific market. The more you tailor-fit your message, the more they get it and will magnetize to your message.

I’m following this internet marketing expert, and his name is Russel Brunson. His message is “You’re just one funnel away . . . ” and he sells membership to his website where his target audience can create a “funnel” system without having to tap on to a software developer. His market gets “funnels,” and he preaches it. He’s got tons of followers.

That’s how you make your message sticky. Aim for these three.

Next, learn how to craft a shareable message.

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